With 15 colours and 3 colour ranges to choose from, Harvest Pools offer Standard, Cultured and Starlight finishes to suit any lifestyle or space.


Ask your agent to view our real colour swatch samples to get the best feel for our finishes.


* Colours may vary from screen sample and are intended as a guide for selection only. Range may change without notice.



SAPPHIRE1.jpg - large LAGOON1.jpg - large DAINTREE1.jpg - large SAND1.png - large    
Sapphire Lagoon Daintree Sand    


BERMUDA1.jpg - large MID-BLUE1.jpg - large CORAL-BLUE1.jpg - large AQUA-JADE1.jpg - large    
Bermuda Mid Blue Coral Blue Aqua Jade    
IVORY-SAND1.jpg - large GreyGraniteNEW.jpg - large        
Ivory Sand Grey Granite        


SAPPHIRE21.jpg - large LAGOON21.jpg - large BLUE-GREY1.jpg - large DAINTREE21.png - large    
Sapphire Lagoon Blue Grey Daintree    

PEBBLE1.jpg - large