Thinking about installing a lap pool in your yard? At Harvest Pools, we offer the finest selection of fibreglass swimming pools including stylish and highly functional lap pools. Our fibreglass lap pools are an excellent addition to your backyard, allowing you to exercise at home whenever you want and train for swimming events.

Their small size allows owners of backyards that are too small for regular swimming pools to still enjoy swimming at home. While lap pools are optimised for swimming laps, you can use them for many of the same uses as a traditional swimming pool, including relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying with the family.

Harvest Lap Pool
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Sizes of Fibreglass Plunge Pools

Harvest Pools offers a wide variety of outdoor swimming pool designs and options, you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your needs. Our fibreglass lap pools are 3 metres wide and are available in 15 metre and 12 metre lengths.

Our fibreglass lap pools are perfect for exercising, training or just relaxing. They can also double as a plunge pool for cooling off on hot summer days.

Harvest Lap Pool Lengths
  • Suits narrow space
  • Perfect for laps
  • Consistent depth


At Harvest Pools, our fibreglass lap pools are high quality, durable and low maintenance, boasting a stunning appearance for years. Installation is easy, with the shell delivered directly to your property. Once installed, your lap pool won’t ever need to be repainted or resurfaced. Our fibreglass lap pools are available in multiple colours, from classic shades of blues to sand and white marble.

Lap pools require essentially the same care and maintenance regime as larger, regular swimming pools. However, there’s the advantage of everything being much quicker and easier due to the reduced size and water quantity. The smaller size also makes lap pools much cheaper to keep clean and maintain each month, with fewer chemicals and water required.

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At Harvest Pools, we’re the experts when it comes to manufacturing and installing stylish fibreglass lap pools. Based in Newcastle, NSW, we have a network of agents across the east coast of Australia and offer a large range of quality fibreglass pools in all different colours and styles to suit any backyard shape or budget.