Swim Spa 


At Harvest Pools, our beautiful range of fibreglass pools offers the perfect balance for those who want to enjoy ultimate relaxation in heated pools or a swim spa but have limited space in their backyard. Our two-in-one swim spa design combines a swim current with a luxurious hydro massage. This means that our gorgeous spa pools help you transform your NSW home into an oasis, all year round.

Benefits & Features of THE Swim Spa

Both the Miami Spa and the Swim Spa designs that we offer, feature the best of both worlds. In our spa pools, you can enjoy both swimming and relaxing, so you don’t have to choose between swimming pools and spas!

The Miami mimics the luxury of an exotic holiday overseas, featuring an attractive free-form shape that facilitates interesting design possibilities for the surrounding landscape. With seating and a layout that maximises space for activities, it’s a popular family-friendly fibreglass pool option.

Our Swim Spa also features generous seating located on either side of the pool. This design is set up to be a relaxing spa but you can opt for ultimate luxury and comfort with optional spa jets and heating. With a depth of 1.2 metres, the Swim Spa can also double as an everyday backyard heated pool for fun.


The charming, kidney-shaped design of the Miami Spa allows maximum swimming space in a small area. This pool is ideal for a courtyard or a backyard with limited space.

  • Suits a narrow space
  • Perfect for laps
  • Consistent depth
  • Luxury design
  • 4.9 x 3.2m
Miami Pool Length
Harvest Pools Miami Pool
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With seating featured on the right and left sides of the pool, The Swim Spa can be used as both a relaxing spa and as a swimming pool. Ask your agent about supplying a ‘Swimjet’ system with your swim spa, so you can swim against the jets for as long as you desire.

  • Spa & pool-in-1
  • Seating on both sides
  • Swimjet compatible
  • 5.5 x 2.6m
Dimensions of Swim Spa | Harvest Pools
Swim Spa Design of Swimming Pool of Harvest Pools
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