There’s nothing quite like the luxury of unwinding and relaxing in your very own spa at home. At Harvest Pools, we’re experts at manufacturing premium quality small fibreglass pools and spas, helping you establish an enjoyable space to relax with friends and family.

  • Seats 6
  • Hot in Winter
  • Cool in Summer
  • Great for relaxation
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sizing options for IN-GROUND Spa POOLS

Our in-ground spa pools come in two varieties. The first is a square shape 2.1 metres by 2.1 metres with a depth of 0.9 metres. The second is a round shape that is 2.6 metres by 2.3 metres with a depth of 0.92 metres. You can select the one that best fits the dimensions of your yard or your aesthetic preferences.

Harvest Pools Spa Sizes

benefits & features

Our six-person spas can be enjoyed all year round — hot in winter and cool in summer. From improving sleep to reducing stress and anxiety, humans have used spas therapeutically for hundreds of years. The buoyancy from the bubbles allow your own weight to disappear as your blood circulation increases with the heat and the tightness in your muscles relax.

Just close your eyes and let the power of the warm water jets and soothing bubbles massage your worries away. Thanks to advances in technology, modern spas are easy to use and easy to maintain, giving you all the benefits to your health and wellbeing without the hassle. When you opt for a fibreglass spa, you’re choosing a durable material that will never need to be repainted or resurfaced.

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At Harvest Pools, we’re the experts when it comes to manufacturing and installing elegant and stylish backyard pools and in-ground spa pools. Based in Newcastle, NSW, we have a network of agents across the east coast of Australia and offer a large range of quality fibreglass pools in all different colours and shapes to suit any backyard shape and budget.