Harvest Pools offers a wide variety of swimming pools for sale to suit your every need. With so many design choices and customizable options, we can help you find and install the perfect pool for your space.

Here at Harvest Pools, we offer you premium quality at a price that you can afford. We offer a 25-year structural warranty on all our swimming pools for sale along with many standard safety features to keep you and your family safe.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated. We service pool suppliers Australia wide and even install them ourselves.

Come up with a Budget

This first step is crucial when looking for a swimming pool for sale. Come up with a number that you are willing and able to spend on your pool. We then recommend sitting down and making a list of the features and options that you desire in your pool. Bring that list and budget to us and we will help you determine what the most feasible option for you is.

Do your Research

Start looking into the different types of pools available. Do you want an lap pool? Perhaps a spa? How about cleaning systems, there are many options there too. Research which one would be most convenient for you. There are many options and we suggest getting an idea of what your choices are, so we can best find the pool that fits you.

Determine the Main Purpose of Your Pool

With so many different types of swimming pools for sale, determining what yours will be used for will help you narrow down the choices a lot. Do you need a pool for the kids to splash and play in all summer? Or do you desire one more for an architectural feature?

Decide on a Pool Shape

Round, rectangle, kidney; these are some of the shape options you have to choose from. Planning to swim laps in your pool?  A rectangle shape is your best option. A kidney shaped pool is best suited for properties where the pool needs to blend in with and work around other landscaping.

Contact your Insurance Company

This is an important step as your home owner’s insurer should always been informed when a pool is being installed on your property. A swimming pool may or may not affect your home owner’s rate and/or coverage. Make sure you call prior to installation to get all the details.

Check Local Safety Requirements

Each local area has different regulations when it comes to installing swimming pools regarding safety. Contact your local officials to find out what your area needs.

Of course, Harvest Pools will help you with every step of the way when in your pool buying process but being prepared and doing your research will help you get the pool of your dreams faster.

Remember, if you are looking for swimming pools for sale in Australia, trust Harvest Pools, your number one pool resource.

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