Why fibreglass pool ? 

Superior Fibreglass Swimming Pools & Spas in NSW

Harvest Pools, has over 30 years of experience in the industry here in NSW. We offer clients in Maitland and the Hunter Valley region with superior swimming pools that suit their home and backyard areas. We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly, summer-enhancing swimming pools and spas and we believe that fibreglass is the best option for this.


Eco-Friendly Inground Pools

Concerned about the environmental impact of your swimming pool? Fibreglass pools are a perfect choice! Fibreglass pools feature non-porous surfaces, meaning fewer chemicals are needed on a regular basis and less cleaning overall is required. This also results in reduced electricity usage. Automatic pool cleaners also clean more quickly and efficiently in fibreglass swimming pools, so your carbon footprint is actually reduced. Unlike traditional swimming pools, fibreglass acts as a natural insulator, meaning heating is not required, or if it is, it’s required less often. There are also no pool liners required, which leads to much less waste in our landfills than with regular swimming pools.


You Can’t Go Wrong with Fibreglass Swimming Pools

We use the latest systems and technology here at Harvest Pools, to produce innovative pool designs that stand the test of time. From the smooth non-slip pool floor to the safety ledges, nothing goes unchecked.

Fibreglass is simply the best material to use for NSW homes because the benefits are many:

  • Faster installation 
  • Longer Durability 
  • Lower Maintenance 
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Lower Long-Term Cost
  • No Liners Needed or Wasted
Luxury Swimming Pool with amaxing view to the mountains and lake
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Find Out More About Fibreglass Swimming Pools

At Harvest Pools, we are proud of our long industry service and experience. We specialise in fibreglass swimming pools and spas for New South Wales homes and can’t wait to help you choose your new pool design. Improve summer days, relax on warm nights and feel refreshed, healthy and invigorated with a new swimming pool from Harvest Pools today.